i like art more than all.
everything is art.
make art, make life.
create, share, live.

redhead and gf redhead
Pacific Rim fan
DC lover

i like free stuff
i like indie games
i like folk music
༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
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The Door.

Short kinda personal comic based on a meditation thingy I did several years ago and the experience stuck with me. 

Shouldn’t have taken me nearly as long as it did, but it feels good to have actually finished something even if it did take a while. Learnt some things that I really ought to take into account for doing the pages for From Stone, which I will eventually get up the pluck to start posting. 

Any feedback would be awesome, still relatively new to this sort of thing. 

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Some warm-up doodles before work. The last two are based on photo references, though I butchered it up so bad I might as well not use any.

Also most of the last stock prints of the Sweater!Superheroes are sold, except for a couple of Fire & Ice pieces, and one Power Girl. Thanks so much, guys! I really appreciate the support. New stocks will be coming in in the next couple of month, along with some new artworks.

Here’s the link to the sale section in case any of you missed it the first time around :)